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Inovotex HS Limited is an innovative apparel design and production company.  We offer expertise in color & trend forecasting, textile innovation, product development and production.

We are a recognized global leader in product design. We have a vertical manufacturing base that covers all areas from start to finish.  Trend, color, inspiration, prototypes, and product innovation.

Inovotex HS Limited specializes in textile innovation. There are no limitations on what we can produce- from exquisitely knitted ultrafine merino to UV protected performance fabrics. We have a range of clients and specialize in all mens, womens and kids apparel… including dress and outdoor sporting goods. If you have a dream we will help make it come alive.

We are based on service both local and global customers.  We offer product development solutions for a wide range of companies from those just getting started to industry leaders.

Currently our production facility mainly have the capacity from min 50pcs per color as long as the fabrics can be in our mainly used fabric, and  we also have digital print in house and can facilitate the small run need for different brands, most used print PFP fabric varies in weight and cosntruction, and please go through the production list on items we usually have.

Please feel free to let us know any questions.

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