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This easy-to-use tent has passed all our durability and water resistance tests. The self-supporting dome structure allows you to move the tent at will after assembly to find a suitable location. There is a vent on the upper part of the rear, leaving space between the outdoor tent and the ground around the tent: allowing air circulation between the bedroom and the outdoor tent, allowing fresh air to enter, and reducing natural condensation. The waterproofness of all Quechua tents has been tested and verified in the laboratory (the entire tent lasts for 4 hours under 200 liters of water/hour/square meter of rain) and on the spot. (2000 mm PU-coated breathable outer tent, 120 g/m2 polyethylene floor mat, all seams using thermal adhesive tape). Natural condensation usually occurs on the inside of the tent, and the polyester bedroom under the tent is very breathable and will not be exposed to condensation.

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